July 12, 2018


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Professor John Haldane

J. Newton Rayzor Sr Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Baylor University.

Is Greek rationality opposed to biblical revelation or have the two wings of truth soared high for over two thousand years? Professor John Haldane leads us through an intellectual history of the rational and the religious.

Beginning with Tertullian’s famous remark “What has Athens to do with Jerusalem”, Professor Haldane outlines key moments where the Church has wrestled with the philosophical reason of Athenian philosophy before suggesting how reason  comes to the aid of faith and conversely, how faith aids our broader understanding of human nature.

John Haldane is Professor of Philosophy at the University of St. Andrews, a Senior Fellow at St. Andrews’ Centre for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs, the J. Newton Rayzor, Sr. Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Baylor University, and one of the world’s leading researchers on the Catholic intellectual and moral tradition.

Professor Haldane has published over 200 academic papers, and is co-author of ‘Atheism and Theism’ in Blackwell’s Tomorrow’s Classics list, and author of An Intelligent Person’s Guide to Religion (2003), Faithful Reason (2006) Practical Philosophy (2009), and Reasonable Faith (2010). He also has collections intended for general readers: Seeking Meaning and Making Sense (2008), The Church and the World (2008) and Arts and Minds (in preparation). He has also edited many books and is founding and general editor of St Andrews Studies in Philosophy and Public Affairs. In addition to academic work, Professor Haldane also writes for leading papers and periodicals and appears on radio and television.

See more of Professor Haldane’s work at johnhaldane.org