March 7, 2019

THE GODLESS COUNTRY? Part II: Christian Australia

by admsatc in Past Events



Are we living in a Christian country? Certainly, Christianity is the largest religious group in Australia: Christianity influences our language, our culture, even our law… It underpins our social ideologies, and is the backbone of the largest school system after the state system. But I wonder…  In this talk I will ask where the Church is situated in the mind of modern Australia, and whether ‘Christian’ is really an apt description for our  culture.

Archbishop Anthony Fisher completed his studies in Arts and Law at the University of Sydney and soon set off into the world of Corporate Law.

After practicing in a city firm in Sydney, the future Archbishop Fisher joined the Dominicans. He studied for the priesthood in Melbourne before further studies took him to Oxford where he received his Doctorate in Bioethics.

In his almost 15 years as a Bishop, his episcopal ministry has seen him serve first as Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney, including as the coordinator of World Youth Day 2008; Bishop of Parramatta and now as the ninth Archbishop of Sydney.

​Archbishop Fisher is a prolific writer and through his letters, lectures, preaching and diocesan projects has addressed a range of questions and matters from the existence of God through to the contemporary challenges for life, marriage and family.

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